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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Centrestage; therefore we have created and agree to adhere to the following Privacy Policy to the best of our ability.

Centrestage agrees to use any information provided to it lawfully. Information will only be used for the purpose which it is collected, for instance to contact you in responds to an enquiry you have made with Centrestage. Centrestage will not collect further personal information unless necessary and after have been provided with prior consent.

Centrestage takes all reasonable steps to ensure website user’s information is kept secure. However, Centrestage cannot be held liable for any unlawful breach of security devices.

Centrestage may use technology devices to collect information on the use of this website, including what content users access and how frequently. The information collected does not contain personal information and cannot be used to specifically identify you or obtain further personal details about you. The technology is used to gain information to assess visitor movement which enables Centrestage to effectively maintain and improve the website.

User information will not be provided to any third party unless prior consent is given or Centrestage is required to do so by law. Centrestage is not responsible for any use of user’s information by a third party.

Please contact Centrestage if you have any queries regarding your privacy and this policy.